Cancelling the Conference

We are very sad, but in the end it is the right thing to do: We’ve decided to cancel Breathing Code 2015. Seven tickets sold is far from enough to make ends meet.

Many thanks to all who supported us – especially in the last week since Benjamin wrote about our dilemma. Thanks to all the speakers who agreed to present, thanks to all the ticket buyers, thanks to all who tweeted, retweeted and favored our tweets.

It will take us a while to lick our wounds. After that we’ll think about what to do differently next time.

Benjamin & Johannes

Breathing Code Organizers

Making it Count

Johannes, my co-organizer, and I, we are fond of transparency.

One testament of this, was today’s publishing of our breakdown of Breathing Code’s ticket price and how the ticket price gets reduced the more participants join the conference. And that you even get a refund in case the price is reduced, after you’ve bought a ticket.

Feasibility of the Conference

Another aspect we want and need to be transparent about, is the feasibility of the conference.

Until now, a week after the registration has opened and a mere five weeks before the event, only two seven tickets have been sold.

And as we’ve noted in the already mentioned post “About the Price”, the calculated ticket price of 250€ assumes a mininum number of 35 participants. If there’s even one participant less than that, Johannes and myself, we have to pay the difference out of our own private pockets, as the conference is a non-profit with no sponsors and no reserves.

To Cancel or not To Cancel?

So it’s only natural, that we asked ourselves if it’s really a good idea to risk paying ~9000€, the complete price of the conference, minus the number of maybe-not-so-many tickets sold.

Or if it’s a better idea to cancel the conference now and only pay several hundred € in cancellation fees.

Making the Next Days Count

All this means, that we’ve decided to cancel Breathing Code on Wednesday 01-April-2015 (sorry, no april fool’s joke), if the number of tickets sold until then, is still significantly below the minumum of 35.

Help Us, If You Want to See Breathing Code

If you’d like to see Breathing Code happen, then help us!

Help us, spread the word. Help us find sponsors. Help us sell tickets. Help us by buying tickets. Of Course, all tickets will be fully reimbursed in case Breathing Code is cancelled!

Thank you!

Benjamin & Johannes

Breathing Code Organizers

About the ticket price

We are aware that some of you consider 250€ (plus VAT) to be a fairly high price for a single day conference with basically motivational contents. That’s why we want to explain our calculation and how you can help to reduce the price…


Considering 50 people attending the party and the conference our expenses will amount to approximately 9000 EUR. This includes

  • the rent for both locations
  • the food for both locations
  • the rent for sound and electronics
  • the team to capture the video, to live stream it and to produce the ready cut material for later streaming
  • travel and accommodation for invited speakers and those that could not afford to come otherwise


Up to now, we have but a single sponsor (250€) so we have to attain the remaining amount through the ticket price. Given a minimum number of 35 paying participants that’s almost exactly 250€ per person. In that calculation we’ve even ignored that a small part of the price is going to the ticketing service as a fee.

Reducing the Ticket Price

If you can help us to find more sponsors and/or if we exceed the minimum number of 35 paying participants, the ticket price will be reduced accordingly. For example, if we sell 40 tickets instead of 35 the price will go down by about 30€. You will profit from a price reduction even if you have already payed a higher amount, since we will refund the difference between the price you paid and the price we need to pay the bills.

Venues disclosed

Since the conference program is taking shape in the background we’ve finally signed all contracts for the two venues. We are very pleased with our choice and hope you’ll enjoy it there…

Submissions Now in Review

As of yesterday, the submission system closed and all suggested contributions are currently being reviewed. Submitters will be notified by March 15, 2015.

Now is the time to pre-register for the conference. Full registration will open after program announcement later this month.

Pre-Registration Open

As of today, we offer the possibility to pre-register for the conference. This will give you a 24-hour-headstart when registration starts in early March, and allows us to better estimate the number of attendees.

Speaker Announcement - Sam Aaron

We are very proud to announced that Sam Aaron, one of the leading figures behind Overtone and Sonic Pi, agreed on presenting and performing during Breathing Code 2015. We are very much looking forward to that.

Call for Contributions Open

Our Call for Contributions is now open. We will accept submissions till Feb 28, 2015.