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About the Conference

Breathing Code is a one-day, one-track, non-profit conference about showcasing projects and approaches that involve adapting systems and code, live and in front of an audience.

Call for Contributions


We’re inviting everybody to submit proposals for sessions in whatever format they can think of, be it demos, presentations, talks etc. Keep in mind that we’re a one-day conference with only one track, though.

It boils down to one rule:
It must involve changing code live on stage.

See below for a non-exhaustive list of topics that are interesting to us or

Evening Event

On the day before the conference (May 4th 2015), there will be an evening event with live code performances.
We’re also interested in submissions for Performances at this evening event.


  • Submissions opened on Jan 27, 2015
  • Submission system closed on March 3, 2015
  • Notification of acceptance by March 15, 2015


The concepts of live coding and coding live cover a wide range of topics and dyomains. We’re looking for contributions from all of them in order to provide our audience with as diverse impressions and inspirations as possible.

The following may serve as a non-exhaustive list of inspiration of possible topics, that we deem relevant to the conference’s audience.

  • Programming techniques for live coding
  • Technical challenges of live coding
  • Programming languages, platforms and IDEs suited for live coding and coding live
  • Programming on stage to teach or solve problems
  • Live coding in other domains than music and art
  • Live debugging and testing

Please consider contributing if you can tell the conference’s audience something about those or related themes and topics, that you deem relevant for the conference’s vision