We are aware that some of you consider 250€ (plus VAT) to be a fairly high price for a single day conference with basically motivational contents. That’s why we want to explain our calculation and how you can help to reduce the price…


Considering 50 people attending the party and the conference our expenses will amount to approximately 9000 EUR. This includes

  • the rent for both locations
  • the food for both locations
  • the rent for sound and electronics
  • the team to capture the video, to live stream it and to produce the ready cut material for later streaming
  • travel and accommodation for invited speakers and those that could not afford to come otherwise


Up to now, we have but a single sponsor (250€) so we have to attain the remaining amount through the ticket price. Given a minimum number of 35 paying participants that’s almost exactly 250€ per person. In that calculation we’ve even ignored that a small part of the price is going to the ticketing service as a fee.

Reducing the Ticket Price

If you can help us to find more sponsors and/or if we exceed the minimum number of 35 paying participants, the ticket price will be reduced accordingly. For example, if we sell 40 tickets instead of 35 the price will go down by about 30€. You will profit from a price reduction even if you have already payed a higher amount, since we will refund the difference between the price you paid and the price we need to pay the bills.